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With MEE6 you can configure moderation, leveling, Twitch alerts and much more. The dashboard of MEE6 is completely user-friendly. With it, you can create commands of your dreams. These commands can automatically give or remove roles, send a message in the current channel or in DM. Besides this, MEE6 has other helpful features.

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Advanced Commands V1 Mee6 Encode System Help / Moderator Plugin Indices Enhanced "GitHub Plugin" Per Channel Plugins Moderator 2.0 Suggestions. RolePlay Plugin Minecraft Roblox REST API Command Aliases Non-Case Sensitive Command Option Front-End Website Framework Limiting Commands to Certain Roles ...

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MEE6 is a Discord bot looking to bring great new features to your Discord server! MEE6 is a bold Discord bot looking to explore new ground everyday! Better features, better performance, and better singing… it matters, okay? Music, recording, levels, moderation, automoderation, and …

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Oct 21, 2017 · This isnt much of an issue, more of a reuqest. Can you tell me every command mee6 can do when you first put in your server?

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Welcome Plugin Give new users a warm welcome, an epic role, or a heartfelt goodbye. Custom Commands Plugin Learn how to add and advance custom commands in your server. Announcement Plugins Notify your fan base when you go live or upload new content. Music Plugin Listen to music directly on Discord through MEE6.

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MEE6 is a fun, feature packed, Discord bot with moderation, leveling and much more! | 68,232 members

[디스코드 봇 TIP!] MEE6 - 인사,방송,경고,레벨업을 다 해주는 만능봇! …

Mar 07, 2019 · MEE6 - 인사,방송,경고를 다 해주는 만능봇! ... Custom Commands 는 명령어를 만들 수 있는 기능입니다. 위 사진은 EGW에서 사용되고 있는 명령어입니다. (소수로 서버를 운영하다보니 권한을 줄 수가 없어 사용중입니다.)

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Commands All Basic Player Queue Audio Effects Settings Premium -play [link or search query] Loads your input and adds it to the queue. If there is no playing track, then it will start playing. Aliases: p, q, queue . Permissions: Add to Queue -play file Plays the file attached to the mesesage. Aliases: pf .

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Oct 04, 2018 · With no commands to configure and an intuitive web interface, MEE6 is one of the best moderation bots on the list. Dyno packs a ton of commands into one bot, such as the ability to mute, kick, and ban users from the chat itself. One useful feature is the “softban,” which will ban and then unban a user to delete all their messages.

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GAwesomeBot's moderation logging feature makes it easy for moderators to keep track of why members have been muted, kicked, and banned. It is integrated with other GAwesomeBot moderation commands: ban, kick, mute, reason, softban, unban, unmute, warn. Moderation logging works as a full replacement for kick/ban status messages, and stores ...

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Jan 11, 2019 · Mutetext command like: !mute @user [time] please, help me!! #1 Fartz, Jan 9, 2019. soyeltino New Member. Joined: Dec 27, 2018 Messages: 10 Likes Received: 4. First of all sorry for my bad english and if you want raw data add me:Tino#3192 or join the server: Raw Data Archive

Mee6 Mute Command

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Dyno Custom Commands We make cool custom commands for Dyno that anyone can use View project on GitHub. Welcome to Dyno Custom Commands! These commands are made solely for the public, so you can experience Dyno the same way we do! You can easily add our commands to your Discord server!

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Jun 04, 2019 · This is your main MEE6 dashboard where you can customize all the features, all the commands. There’s a lot of great features of MEE6. Again, if you guys want me to go over them individually and show you all the great things that MEE6 can do, leave a comment and I might do a video like that in the future, definitely.

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MEE6’s moderation features supports kick, ban, mute, and temporary mute commands. However, one of the main reasons people love this bot is because of its automated moderation system. MEE6 includes a user infractions system, and through that, the bot can hand out punishments on its own.

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Sep 24, 2017 · Unsubscribe from MaxMASK? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Sign in to report inappropriate content. Sign in to make your opinion count. Sign …

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-commands-cmds: List all of the bot's commands from a certain module. You can either specify full, or only first few letters of the module name.-commands Administration or -cmds Admin-help-h: Either shows a help for a single command, or DMs you help link if no arguments are specified.-h !!q or -h-hgit: Generates the file. Bot ...

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Share your own minecraft creations and datapacks in our wonderful community Check out CubeDeveloper's latest videos in the #uploads channel and become part of the staff by being active on the server, there is also a "secret commands" channel for all of you commands entushiast to share your personal tips with the rest of the community